SEO, Video Marketing, and Social Media Management
for Independent Artists 

Musicians, Actors, Architects, Writers, Cinematographers, Sculptors, Animators, Concept Artists, Designers, Photographers, and Other Artists Need Search Engine Optimization and
Promotion on Social Media!

Contact top-shelf videographers, video marketers, SEO experts, UX/UI designers, developers, writers, reputation managers, branding specialists, and social media managers, and bring your art to people around the globe! Talent and hard work are not enough if you want to be successful in the 21st century. Online presence is essential for selling your work and connecting with industry leaders.

SEO, Video Marketing, and Social Media Management for Independent Artists

What is SEO for Art Industry?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a complicated process of making websites reach the first pages of Google’s search results and be easily foundable by users. Without website optimization techniques, your site will not be easy to find, and your message will have a hard time finding a way to your audience. Advanced Google positioning brings more people to your site, raises your brand awareness, and boosts your credibility as an artist or an entrepreneur. 

Who Needs SEO?

The answer is simple - everyone who wants to have more clients, have more followers, improve their current position, bring their work to broad audiences, and make more money! Website positioning is the only way to grow organically and naturally, without advertisement and being intrusive. Hiring an SEO specialist nearby and a social media manager close to your location is the easiest and most cost-effective way of gaining popularity and letting people around the globe become familiar with your work. If your art is easily findable on Google, YouTube, and other search engines, and you’re active on social media platforms, finding customers is a much easier process. Hire an SEO expert and start shaping your professional career!

Content Marketing for Independent Artists

The words “marketing” and “promotion” sound cringy for artists. But, a time when marketing wasn’t crucially important for creators is long gone. Without a strong digital marketing team behind you, the chances of reaching big success are very small.

Blogging, if done creatively, is one of the most effective ways of self-promotion. Guest posting on authoritative websites related to your industry can significantly increase brand reach and awareness. Your content will be available to people outside your audience, which means more fans and sales. Luckily, you can contact first-class writers and content marketers and spread your message fast without huge investments that can compromise your business.

Video Marketing for Artists (YouTube, Vimeo)

Video SEO and Video Marketing are the best and easiest ways to reach people and end up on the first pages of Google search results. People are busy and impatient these days and don’t have too much time for reading articles. The video became the most convenient way to send a message and be heard. Google loves video materials, and so do its users. There’s no better way to catch someone’s attention and send a message than with a high-quality video.

Artists use videos to promote products or services. In that way, they can show they work to many people, have a closer connection with fans, and turn viewers into clients! Different types of videos can be used for promotion, including Q and A videos, art tutorials, art demos, behind-the-scenes videos, interviews, and art lessons.

Predrag Prtrowitz and his digital team will promote your work on the biggest video platforms. Videos are 53 times more likely to end up on Google’s first pages than text. That means your message will have a much faster way to users. Skilled video SEO experts and videographers can make your way to success significantly shorter! 

Social Media Marketing for Art Industry

A premium digital team near you will carefully analyze your brand and audience. Branding is a huge part of social media management. Your online image needs to be a reflection of your values. If your posts, blogs, imagery, and videos are not made for your hard-core audience, they can hrm your image and become counterproductive.

Every social media platform requires a different approach and daily care. As an artist, your social media profiles are places where you can show creativity and uniqueness and attract the eyes of millions! Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms are powerful tools that can do so much in your self-promotion. But handling all social media on a daily level requires too much time, and it would be difficult to handle, even if you have nothing else to do. That’s why you should hire social media managers with years of rich experience. They will take care of your Google Business Profile, deal with positive and negative reviews, and use original content for your promotion, including first-class videos.

People with a decent social media presence are those who sell more paintings, have more people at their concerts, sell more books, and get hired easily. That’s a fact that will not change in the future. Artists usually don’t have time for self-promotion or don’t like to spend too much time online. That’s why well-versed social media experts are a must for reaching high goals.

A-Class Digital Services near Me - Art SEO Wizards

Video SEO, video marketing, social media management, and advanced SEO are not all the services you can get from Predrag Petrowitz and his team. Rely on high-class digital professionals for web development, creative UX/UI design, local SEO with voice search optimization, branding, online networking, outreach services, full-scale online reputation management (with reputation monitoring and reputation repair), or search engine optimization for startups and small businesses.

Contact people who can help you grow as an artist and entrepreneur and begin your journey to success without spending a fortune on different marketing campaigns. SEO, video promotion, and social media management are a perfect combination for reaching people and turning them into your supporters and clients! 

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